Software designed for Agile Operations

AccessWave™ has been designed from the ground up to address smart communities and makes it possible for local stakeholders to operate infrastructure themselves pooling from local workforce in a flexible model.

Service Provisioning

Software allows to view and manage system-level point of delivery (POD) components that have their own internal automation. Interacting at the POD level makes it simple to integrate and commission services across the utility infrastructure from dedicated wavelength services to Ethernet services across multiple local institutions. Leveraging the service profiles makes it possible for PHNX to have the right set of APIs and interfaces required for service provisioning.

Advanced Scheduling

The software allows for advanced planning of services and resource scheduling for their commissioning , installation and service establishment. This allows for both on-demand resources and local hook-up scheduling with the end customer.

Billing & Invoicing

Software integrates with common recurring billing marketplace platforms and Square™ payment gateway for the payment processing and billing to provide a modern customer experience to the service providers without the need for complex and expensive system to setup.

Reduce OPEX

Leverage Operational Agility and simplicity to reduce OPEX costs in installing, commissioning and operating traditional or emerging services.

Provide Reporting

Provide operational reports to the management with all of the right level of information to make sound strategic decisions.

Flexible Workforce

Using a flexible workforce of volunteer feet-on-the-ground workforce will reduce your operations costs.


Provide detailed analytics for the operations and predictive trends of improvements to any bottleneck on services.